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Our tinnitus clinic has effectively treated tinnitus and sound sensitivity patients with a success rate of over 80% using  TRT or tinnitus retraining therapy.


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The Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center located at All Ears Audiology

in Ithaca was one of the first in the country. 



Hyperacusis or loudness sensitivity uses the model of TRT as developed by Dr. Pawel Jastreboff.  It can be described as an abnormal sensitivity to common everyday sounds like dishes, vacuum cleaner, music etc. It is often accompanied by tinnitus. Hyperacusis can be experienced by itself.  


When tinnitus and Hyperacusis  are present we normally treat the hyperacusis first. The faulty amplification of sound requires a desensitization process.  Severity can range from mild to severe. Devices may be  used in the process  although we have had much success in using counseling and other sounds to desensitized the obtrusive sounds alone. Education is so important. We may see the patient more frequently, but in our experience, success is usually rapid.




Misophonia, termed by Dr. Jastreboff, is soft sound sensitivity that affects both children and adults. Bothersome sounds could be chewing, utensils, clicking sounds, tapping, crinkling of paper and more.

Chewing is the number one offensive sound.


Pediatrics and Misophonia


We find an increasing number of children and young adults with this issue. Our unique protocol uses the TRT   sound sensitivity model with individualized care that often is created for the pediatric patient.  Sound devices may be advised along the sound therapy.


When chewing is the problem, the children will often run to their bedrooms to eat along instead of at

the family dinner table. Other complaints are in restaurants, classrooms, cafeterias etc.


Misophonia is the more challenging to treat because of an overlay of a psychological component.

However, we have been effective in helping children and young adults from university students, children with autism, Downs syndrome etc.


It is our pleasure to work with you so that we can remedy this situation as soon as possible. It is difficult for the patients and families.