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Our tinnitus clinic has effectively treated tinnitus and sound sensitivity patients with a success rate of over 80% using  TRT or tinnitus retraining therapy.


We are your source for hearing aids, hearing aid service / repair, and we stock batteries for all major brands. 


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Our expereience is vital to selecting the right product for your lifestyle and audiological requirements.



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There is a wide range of products to select from and we carry all the top brands.


Personalized and Professional Care
We have been serving patients in our community for many years. We look at hearing loss from your
perspective, and we are up front, honest, informed, punctual, and caring. Our education, experience and
training enable us to know what is out there so we may recommend the right option for your hearing
loss, your lifestyle and your budget.


Unmatched Follow-Up Service
Your treatment doesn't end after your purchase. We regularly see you for follow-up hearing evaluations


True-to-Life Sound is Now a Reality
Understanding what people are saying in noisy situations is a challenge for many hearing aid wearers. Thanks
to unique technology that emphasizes the human voice, our hearing aids provide natural, true-to-life
sound. Sounds will seem richer, with greater depth, dimension and detail. Speech will be clear through the use of our unique technology that preserves the nuances of the human voice, while minimizing background noise in social environments.

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