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Our tinnitus clinic has effectively treated tinnitus and sound sensitivity patients with a success rate of over 80% using  TRT or tinnitus retraining therapy.


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Changed My Life:
I was a tinnitus patient at the All Ears Hearing Audiology for approx. 2 years. My tinnitus was having a devastating effect on every aspect of my life, as well as my wife's. After searching and trying various avenues, I was referred, quite by chance, to the Center. This referral changed my life.

During the treatment period, with a few small setbacks along the way, I made amazing progress. I went from having no hope of relief or recovery (even entertained thoughts of suicide) to being a happy, productive and "cured" individual.

There aren't enough words of praise and gratitude for this program. Of course, Carol Bass made it all happen. Her expertise, professionalism, gentle guidance and patience gave me the tools to use and I persevered.

She always maintained, with quiet confidence, that this was something I could and would be able to do. It is difficult to imagine what my life would have been without Carol Bass and this program.

-- C. Turshman

My ears started ringing following a cold. The tinnitus left me devastated with the feeling of hopelessness. I had tried seeing many doctors, but nothing helped. I had spent hours surfing the Internet hoping to find a cure until I found Carol Bass, a caring and compassionate woman.

I called her from Tehran for our first appointment and subsequently we corresponded through many emails. She taught me not to give up until I succeeded.  Thank you Carol! America can be proud of you.

Hossein Sohrabi, author, Iran
 noise sensitivity

Saved my daughter's life: 
My daughter was 24 when she was hit with extremely acute hyperacusis, ten years ago. Her doctors had never seen this before and had no idea what to do about it. They tried a couple of drugs, which made her worse. (It was only later that we learned she had Lyme disease, and that there is a common connection between Lyme and hyperacusis.)
She was so sensitive to normal sound that we had to speak in soft whispers, tiptoe in stocking feet, cover the toilet with a comforter when we flushed, eat on paper plates with plastic utensils, keep the windows closed at all times, replace the ringers on the phones with flashing lights, ban all visitors, and ban music, radio, and TV. 

When Carol explained how the modified tinnitus retraining program would work, our daughter finally had hope. Our daughter started out wearing the sound-producing devices in her ears for less than one minute a day, and Carol told her that she understood what courage it took for our daughter to do this even for such a short time, even at the lowest setting.
At the end of two years, she was cured, and could again tolerate normal noise.
Throughout the treatment, Carol took extraordinary care to make her office quiet for our daughter--oiling the door hinges before we arrived, scheduling so that our daughter never had to wait.

If you have not had hyperacusis, or someone you love has not had it, then you might not understand the enormous gratitude we feel toward Carol Bass.
-- S. B.
 Dr. Jastreboff

My husband no longer tells me to go get a hearing aid several times a day. He is a happier mate because he doesn't have to repeat everything when we interact. 

What a joy to hear conversations in a group without missing parts or asking people to please repeat what they said! I can attend an exercise class and hear all the instructions without looking around for clues as to what we are supposed to be doing.

I laugh at jokes because I hear them, not just because everyone else is laughing. My hearing aids are very small and hidden by my short hairstyle. No one notices them. 

My kids no longer get annoyed because I ask them to repeat what they said. My brain works better and I feel sharper mentally.
-- Elaine G

I have been a patient of All Ears Hearing Audiology for more than 13 years. In October 2008, I experienced a severe sudden hearing loss which left me hearing disabled. My audiologist, Carol Bass became my best friend with my hearing loss. 

She was able to provide me with state-of-the-art technology, as well as her genuine emotional support. Carol Basss provided me with the gift of hearing. She gave the oportunity to utilize the Widex Mind 440 hearing aids that allowed me to regain my hearing. I was the first patient in New York State to own the Widex Mind 440 hearing aids. Carol went above and beyond to help obtain these brand-new state-of-the-art hearing aids. 

These wonderful devices made it possible for me to hear again, and restore my life. I am now able to function in the hearing world. I can hear people talking to me while sitting at a noisy lunch table, as well as talking from behind me. These computerized digital hearing aids allow me to adjust programs to fit my needs, such as the special telecom device for my cell phone. Other benefits include the Zen meditation mode. When I use this function, I am able to be very calm and relaxed. 

The Widex Mind 440 hearing aids are incredible devices, and I am very thankful that the All Ears Hearing Center Audiologist, Carol Bass, has the most up-to-date hearing technology in the world.

 I strongly recommend the All Ears Hearing Center for all your hearing needs. The customer service provided by the office staff as well as Carol Bass is top-notch! My expectations are far exceeded by such personalized care. We are blessed to have the All Ears Hearing Center in our Ithaca community.
-- Betty 

I had Severe Tinnitus for over 18 years, and having consulted with over a dozen ENTs.

Carol Bass, met us in the waiting room with a genuine smile, bright sparkling eyes and showed us into her examination room. I was despondent, fully expecting her to say, "Oh, your Tinnitus is outside our ability to help. Your hearing loss is too great."

Nope, not Carol. The first words out of her mouth formed a calm declarative sentence, "Oh, this is going to be easy!" Small of stature, solidly in control, obviously one of God's favorites, Carol did her 'thing' and she did it very well.

After three weeks of laboriously following her every word down to the letter, I claimed victory over Tinnitus. One or two meetings later (she fitted the author with hearing aids) it was complete.

Oddly enough, it took about 6 more weeks at home for the author to adjust to a normal life. Not adjusted yet, but enjoying an audible world.

Thank you,

Retired Arts Gallery Owner, still painting

I've been working with Carol for awhile now and I personally find her techniques comforting and rewarding.  The positive results I'm receiving from our visits is taking place of which I felt would never happen.  I was feeling sorry for myself, thought my "quality of life" would never be the same, but with Carol's guidance, I feel strongly that I'm truly on the road to recovery. 
Quite frankly, I've never even heard of tinnitus until now.  I've learned to stop challenging my condition and go forward and accept it and, with Carol's help, learning that I'm not nearly bothered by it as I once was.  I'm a very strong willed woman and thought it had to be a medical condition, obviously I've been on the internet too much. I've even purchased all the so called remedies they advertise, with no success.  I've had every medical test there is just to learn that I'm physically healthy, which leads me back to asking, "why"?  With determination, or the lack thereof, I've put my trust/faith in Carol's abilities and know that one day, I'll be just fine.
So, with all that said, thank you Carol Bass for being there at my lowest point when I felt I was so alone.  Truly, no one understands this condition as well as Carol and for that, I'm so thankful!

-Donna E

Dear Carol,
I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back.  I know that sounds melodramatic, but that's how it feels.  Sounds were so painful that my husband had to whisper and he couldn't whistle around me.  The refrigerator was an hourly torture. I couldn't go out with friends for lunch or see a movie.  We had to watch movies at home with the close captioning. 
Now, with your kind but honest assistance, I am going out with friends for lunch.  I went to a great movie with very loud music and have attended a couple of my daughter's gigs - and I'm fine!  And my husband is whistling again!
Thank you again.  I can't express how much it means to me to have found you.
Best Regards,
-Linda P
 behind the ear

It had been hard for me to participate in meetings for a while, and I had to walk around the classroom to deal with student discussion. But I finally decided I had to do something when my kids came home and I really couldn't connect with the family conversation.

My doctor suggested seeing Carol, and I was glad he did. Hearing aids really did make things different. Work life is more efficient and home life is richer. My main resistance to hearing aids before had been vanity, but the completely in-the-canal type that I have are really pretty discreet. No doubt some people still notice them, but those I mix with casually probably don't. Anyway, what's important is that I'm not self-conscious about them at all.

Carol makes things easy for first time hearing-aid wearers. Her approach to her patients is warm and attentive. I recommended her to my mother in law, who had much worse hearing than I but was even more resistant. Carol was very patient with her. 

Carol's prices are good and she gives a lot. She has light touch in her work, and visiting the office can actually make you happy!
-- D. G.
 receiver in canals