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Tinnitus can be cured, we have over an 80% success rate, improvement in as little as two sessions.


We are your source for hearing aids, hearing aid service / repair, and we stock batteries for all major brands. 


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Our expereience is vital to selecting the right product for your lifestyle and audiological requirements.



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There is a wide range of products to select from and we carry all the top brands.


Personalized and Professional Care
We have been serving patients in our community for over twenty years with personalized and professional care that is tailored to your individual audiological requirements. When you make an appointment for a hearing test, the office manager will mail you a simple history questionnaire. On the appointment date, the hearing case history is reviewed. The hearing evaluation is then administered in a quiet, noise attenuated booth.


After the audiological evaluation, any hearing loss is reviewed with you in detail with an offer of several options from multi hearing aid manufacturers. Options vary in cost, need and are directly related to the test findings, your listening lifestyle and budget. Widex, Unitron, Oticon and other manufacturer hearing instruments are programmed at our clinic office. Should your hearing diminish over the years, we may be able to program the same hearing device. There are many options of technology from the simple to the most sophisticated hearing aids.


Within a week, or two later, we are often able to fit you with your hearing aids and educate you on the use and maintenance. Ongoing assistance and education are included with your hearing aids after they are purchased. There is a significant hearing aid warranty that is offered for your hearing instruments.


Two weeks subsequent to the fitting of the hearing aids, there is a check-up and any necessary tweaking of the program of the hearing aids. We need to see how you are doing in various situations and if any additional changes need to be made. We have an excellent program that is designed for you.


Often, patients relate that before getting help with their hearing aids, there was a feeling of more and more isolation from others in social situation. It is wonderful to see the change for them and for their families.


Unmatched Follow-Up Service
Your treatment doesn't end after your purchase. We regularly see you for follow-up visits, education and assistance. We are here for you.


True-to-Life Sound is Now a Reality
Understanding what people are saying in noisy situations such as a restaurant setting, meetings and family gatherings are a challenge for many hearing aid wearers. Thanks to unique technology that emphasizes the human voice, our hearing aids provide a natural, true to life sound. Sounds will seem richer, with greater depth, dimension and detail. Speech will be clear, and seamless through this unique technology that preserves the nuances of the human voice, while minimizing background noise in social environments. Although the hearing aids adjust automatically, there are optional controls if desired to override the settings.


There are a lot of choices, from battery rechargeable hearing aids, hearing aids that are tiny and sophisticated which link to your cell phones with amazing apps if you like. Ask about spatual awareness, inter-ear connectivity and the many features that technology offers that is inherent in the hearing aids.

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